Project 7 Gum

You don’t grow up in New Jersey without knowing how to blow pink bazooka bubbles and pop your gum.  It is a rite of passage.  There was always a contest among the kids on my block to see how many pieces of gum you could stick in your mouth, how big you could make your bubble (before it popped all over your face), and how many loud, smacking pops you could make before the gum lost its flavor and had to be discarded -- preferably down the gutter and not under a piece of Mom’s patio furniture. 

Now as an adult, however, I don’t get many chances to get excited about gum.  Mind you, despite my husband’s objections (he’s English), I still chew gum.   I try to be more lady-like about it (recalling my mother’s admonishments, “you look like a cow chewing its cud”).  But, typically it is just the normal adult varieties --cinnamon, spearmint, or peppermint and certainly not anything I get too excited about – not like the good old days.  Occasionally, there may be some new shape or packaging (perhaps in a sleeve or plastic tub), but essentially it is the same gum that has been around for years.  Mind you, the TV advertising has gotten much better (think of the commercials for Orbit vs. the old Double Mint Gum twin ads), but it’s essentially the same flavors we have had for years.


That is why I have gotten so enthusiastic about a new product being carried at My Goods Market.  It is called PROJECT 7 GUM.  There are so many things about this gum I am excited about and the Company’s mission seems to speak to my sensibilities (as now an adult) – making everyday products for everyday people, that solve everyday problems around the world.  Apparently it was founded by an entrepreneur who wanted to be involved in a company that gave something back (apparently 50% of their profits support the causes).   And, now that I am an adult, buying my guilty pleasure (gum) while feeling like I am doing something good makes Project 7 a total winner! 


Here are some of the unique things about the product:

  1. Great Mission – a portion of proceeds from the sale of their gum and mints go to fund good causes
  2. 7 great causes - These include: Feeding the Hungry, Healing the Sick, supporting those who Hope for Peace, Housing the Homeless, Quenching Those who Thirst, Teaching them Well, and Saving the Earth.
  3. Unique/Great tasting Flavors – Birthday Cake, Coconut Lime, Fresh & Breezy, Front Porch Lemonade, Mint Julep, and Peppermint Vanilla
  4. Each flavor supports different causes allowing you to choose which causes you want to support
  5. Neat packaging
  6. Made in the USA
  7. And reasonably priced at just $1.24 a pack

If you are like me, it is not often you are given the opportunity to purchase something you can feel good about.  Project 7 Gum is one of those items.  I may even convince my husband to partake.   I encourage you to check it out!  Tell ‘em, the girl from New Jersey sent you

Nesquik Girl Scout Milk

This great treat will be in market starting in September and we could not be happier to be carrying it in our stores. 


Why we love it: Doesn’t everyone love Girl Scout cookies? These iconic cookies have tapped into coffee creamer, ice cream, and now milk. I personally am a fan of all things Girl Scout and have found the cold temperature and delicious flavor to be the perfect combination.

Nesquik GS.png

It actually brings me back to childhood summer days as my mom would freeze Thin Mint cookies and surprise us kids with a pool side treat. Now that I'm older and try to limit my cookie intake, I would like to give a big thank you to Nestle for creating the 100 calorie (per serving) on the go indulgence that takes me back to memories full of laughter and sunshine.

Flavor Offerings: Thin Mint and Carmel Coconut 


Your taste buds will thank us for this tip!  

Name Sake

Try something new was coined as we realized we are a group of people that love innovation. We really love trying new products and bringing the best of the best to our customers. We get excited after a great sampling and wanted an avenue to share some of our tasty finding. So, that is the story behind our endless ramblings. We hope you enjoy! 


Sincerely, The My Goods Market Marketing Team