Let's Talk About Hydration

Your body is 90% water - and we’re not talking about any water.  The fact is, it's almost as salty as seawater! 

The ocean’s salty taste comes from electrolytes — salts and minerals such as sodium, chloride, potassium, magnesium, and calcium. As it turns out, nearly the same proportions of electrolytes that make up the ocean are the ones that compose the water in our bodies.  The delicate balance of water and electrolytes creates electrical (thus the name) signals and concentration gradients that enable the water in our bodies to flow where and when it is most needed.

How about a big glass of seawater after a run? While similar, seawater is way too salty to hydrate you. On the other extreme, tap water has no replenishing electrolytes. In fact, too much water without salts and electrolytes can literally (and dangerously) water-log your body.   Apple juice, Gatorade™ and the like have added sugars and/or artificial sweeteners, which you may not want or need. 

So that leaves us with... Smartwater. It's a delicious water, created through a vapor distillation process that turns water into clouds, purifies it, and then makes it rain. Importantly, Smartwater really is "smart" because it replenishes your body with essential electrolytes — calcium chloride, magnesium chloride, and potassium bicarbonate — to keep you balanced on an even keel. 

Knowing the basic principles of hydration and replenishment as a part of your healthy diet will help you stay balanced as you conquer the challenges of your day.  And remember, the best way to predict a healthy day is to create it! 

Posted by Dr. Todd Forman

   Electrolytes make the body happy!


Electrolytes make the body happy!



Big on Big Fork

We're loving Big Fork Sausages. With a bold stroke of innovation, they made a sausage, literally, out of bacon. 

Through its partnership with Niman Ranch, Big Fork fills their links with a free roaming, fresh air breathing cross of Duroc, Chester Whites and Berkshire pork.

A product born to the great Sausage making tradition of Chicago, Big Fork sausages are all-natural, nitrate free, with no hormones , antibiotics, or preservatives.

Best of all, they're packed with bacon.

Try them instead of a hot dog.